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Lauren Gill

I run a jewellery business called Firenza, selling handmade, uniquely wrapped crystals. I’ve always loved crystals; bague homme createur when I was younger, my mum would put a little rose quartz in valeur bague diamant the pocket of my school blazer every day. Rose bague lepage bague diamant homme croix occitane quartz is a crystal bague homme or tete de lion that’s said to emit a strong vibration of unconditional love, warmth and emotional healing, and I thought that was kind of beautiful, coming from my mum.

My memories of crystals making me feel safe and loved were so strong, and bague homme hipster I wanted to turn that into solitaire bague homme something more tangible. Jewellery seemed like a really good fit. I taught myself how to wrap the crystals, and people started saying they wanted to buy them. Firenza started as a hobby while I was studying bague homme avec emeraude for bague homme avec rubis my degree, but it snowballed into a successful business, and bague homme pierre bleue now I ship stuff all over the world, with all my materials being locally sourced.

I take orders for my work through bague diamant triangulaire my Instagram account and by email, which means I’m able to connect personally with all my customers and learn about their stories. bague homme or blanc pas cher It’s amazing to see Instagram bague diamant forme emeraude posts about where bague homme taille 64 my crystals end up, and it feels bague homme croix de malte good to see people happy; it’s the most important part of the business for me.

Crystals bague diamant profil all have different purposes, and I use my Instagram to explain what each one means so people are able to choose the right crystal bague homme femme assortie for them. Each one takes a messika bague homme different amount of time to complete because they all require a unique touch, and every crystal comes with a handwritten note describing its properties. The entire bague homme damas process is therapeutic; from sourcing and wrapping the crystals, to my customers wearing and enjoying them.

The biggest turning bague homme pas cher or point for Firenza was when bague homme steampunk Tokio Myers bought entretien bague diamant one of my crystal necklaces and wore it on Britain’s Got Talent, which he went on to win. He’s been really vocal with his support for bague homme touareg my crystals, and has been a really good friend to the business. Grace and Ali, Britain’s Got Talent semi finalists, also bought calvin klein bague homme my crystals, and the support has really helped my business take off.

My future vision for the business is to produce limited edition collections, extend my range, and hopefully collaborate with people I find inspirational, like Tokio Myers. I’m currently building a website, which I really need because I’m getting so many orders…


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