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ColourPop collier ustar mignon cz fleur boucles doreilles pour les femmes couleur or femelle boucle doreille bijoux argent cornaline Supernova Shadow in Mothership zag bijoux collier ustar vintage noir cristal long gland ethnique boucles doreilles pour femmes femme boheme balancent 1 argent and Moon Lit

Liquid eye shadows are perfect to get intense bravekiss mode or croix piece de monnaie boucles doreilles ensemble pour les femmes boho petites pigmentation with one swipe specially the ones with metal finish. In my haul from ColourPop i have picked two shadows from supernova range during their amazing sales. They collier argent femme anneau have only introduced ustar mignon noeud papillon fleur boucles doreilles pour les femmes couleur argent femelle boucle collier argent boule zirconium 8 shades yet which falls in brown, bronze and gold category with only one different teal shade. This water infused, super collier argent écriture longwearing liquid shadow is extremely versatile and can work for so many looks, whether collier argent petit diamant you want an all over base color, a touch of glitter, or extreme metallic foil. This high coverage and high impact shadow will send you into hyperspace fall out included.

ColourPop Supernova Shadow in Mothership and Moon Lit

ColourPop Supernova Shadow in Moon Lit and Mothership

Swatches of ColourPop Supernova Shadow in Moon Lit and gros collier argent h&m Mothership

My Thoughts

These shadows comes in plastic tube with silver cap which have attached doe foot applicator. The applicator collier argent qui noirci ustar nouveau grande perle boucles doreilles goutte pour les femmes or goutte deau boucles is not very ideal collier argent pendentif anneau to apply or blend the product. It is better to spread with this applicator and then blend with finger or any other brush. The texture of these shadows is creamy which is not very thick or runny. The pigmentation collier argent deloche of both shades ancien collier argent filigrane is intense and in one swipe you get fully opaque color.

Moon Lit is collier argent madagascar defined as vibrant collier argent avec pierre purple with pink, turquoise, and violet glitter. It is a warm tone, medium bright purple with lot of pink and violet glitter. It has metallic finish and you can wear it as thick layer or blend out in sheer color.

Mothership is defined as blackened teal with silver glitter. This glittery dark teal shade have collier argent christofle black base and silver and green glitter. It has also metallic finish which looks beautiful as thick layer or sheered out.

I have found the best way is to dot them on eyes and spread with finger to blend properly as with applicator you collier argent a graver cannot get even application. They completely dries on skin once blended and will not smear easily. On top of other powder eye shadows, this product works great and gives you intense look. You can blend with brush, when it is still wet, to get sheer coverage or simply pat for thick layer. Once it is dried down, you can not blend further or it will 2019 boheme fait a la main perles mauvais oeil gland boucles doreilles pour les femmes de mariage a start flaking.

These shadows give you enough time to blend before they dries. It is recommended to use them as base or on top of other shadow but in my opinion they doesn’t work well as base. If you try to apply other product on top of collier argent quartz rose this shadow with brush, it will start flaking. So it is best to use them on top of other eyeshadow or as standalone shade. You can also use collier argent thailande it as eyeliner with thin eyeliner brush. The best brush for eyeliner is Sigma Beauty E10 for precise line. The lasting power is good for sheered out look which is more then 6 hours, however the thick application collier argent solde or as eyeliner, it starts flaking more quickly.

Overall these shades have great pigmentation and nice formula which is easy to apply and blend. However you need little experience to make it work better for you. The lasting power is good but thick layer can start flaking early…


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